5 Must-Have Pet Tech & Gadgets for Modern Pet Owners

For pet parents who can't always be with their pets, there are plenty of helpful tech & gadgets to help make life easier. These can eliminate separation, anxiety, and loneliness while also keeping your pet safe and happy.

For instance, a self-cleaning litter box is one of the most popular kitty tech products on the market. It sifts waste from clean litter so it's easy to maintain.

Smart Collar

The Smart Collar is a compact, wireless device that monitors the health and wellness of your pet. It collects data that includes activity, sleep patterns, and weight to help you make informed decisions about your pup’s diet and exercise.

It also features a GPS tracker that lets you know where your dog is at all times. This makes it easier to find your pup if they escape or decide to wander off.

Many smart collars also come with training features, so you can keep your pup in shape even when you are away at work. It can also help you with behavioral issues, as it comes with sound features that can be used during positive reinforcement and recall training sessions.

A smart collar is also an excellent way to monitor your dog’s heart condition. Research shows that early detection of mitral valve disease and dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs can mean lifesaving treatment.

Using a smart collar to monitor your dog’s heart health can give you a lot of peace of mind as you are aware of their overall health, and it helps you ensure they are receiving the best possible care from their veterinarian.

Another great feature of this smart collar is its ability to track your pup’s daily activity, from distance walked to calories burned. This can be especially helpful if your dog is overweight, as it will let you know if they are on the right track to maintain their ideal weight.

This smart collar also features magnetic therapy that improves the circulation of blood flow in your dog’s body. This will promote good health, and it also works to increase energy levels.

Pet Tracker

Whether you have a curious pup or cat that likes to run around off-leash, a pet tracker can help keep your furry friend safe and accounted for. These devices can be set up to alert you when your pet leaves your backyard or a designated “safe area,” and some of them have additional features that allow you to monitor their activity levels and health.

These GPS-powered gadgets connect to your smartphone, allowing you to view your pets’ location and check on their activities. They can also send you notifications when they go out, so you know if they’re on their way home or if they’re in trouble.

Pets are notorious for escaping, and these tracking devices can help prevent this from happening. Some models also have geofencing technology that allows you to set up a perimeter and be notified when your pet ventures outside.

Some of these trackers use GPS to determine your pet’s location, while others rely on cellular signals or Bluetooth technology. Regardless of what type of technology your pet uses, you should look for a tracker with long battery life, since it’s important to be able to find your pet quickly if they do get lost.

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Another type of tracker is called a dual-mode device, and it combines GPS and GSM technologies to pinpoint your pet’s location with more accuracy. This type of tracker usually works with a base station that establishes communication between the tracker and your smartphone.

The Tagg tracker for cats and dogs is an example of a dual-mode device that utilizes a base station to establish communication between the pet tracker and your smartphone while using Verizon’s wireless network for tracking. The Tagg app provides additional features for monitoring your pet’s activity, such as calorie consumption and sleep patterns.

Pet Alarm

If you’re a pet owner, you know how frustrating it can be to have your alarm system go off all the time due to your dog or cat running around the house. The good news is that there are systems on the market that are specifically designed to avoid these accidental alarm triggers caused by pets.

These systems work by using a special type of PIR motion sensor that doesn’t detect your pet’s movements or heat signature, as they would with regular motion sensors. Instead, these systems use algorithms that take into account the mass, speed, movement patterns, and body temperatures of any moving object to rule out pets.

You can also find sensors that have a weight threshold so that even a small pet will not set off the alarm. This is especially useful for cats and smaller dogs, as their movements won’t usually trigger the detector.

However, this type of sensor does not work well with pets that like to climb and jump on counters or furniture. It’s important to consider where these potentially false alarm-triggering areas are in your home so that you can pre-empt them before putting your system into place.

In addition, you can install glass break sensors on windows and doors that will automatically alert your alarm system if the window or door is opened while the alarm is armed. This will help you to get a warning before the burglars enter your property. It’s also possible to add a camera system so that you can view what your pets are doing when you’re not at home. This way, you can check in on your pets at any time and ensure that they’re not acting strangely.

Smart Bed

There are many budget-friendly pet tech products available that can help you keep your pet happy and healthy. Some examples include automatic feeders, pet cameras, and GPS trackers. Additionally, you can save even more money by using Pet Promo Code when purchasing these products. Websites like AllOverCoupon and SavingGain.com offer a variety of pet coupons that can help you save on everything from food to toys.

The Smart Bed is a mattress with built-in sensors and technologies to help you get a better night's sleep. Many of them also integrate with other smart devices and apps, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to help you adjust your mattress settings.

The bed's sensors track and analyze your movements, pressure and heartbeat, temperature, sleep position, and other biometric data to self-adjust the mattress. The data is delivered to a phone app and can help you understand your sleep patterns, identify trouble areas, and improve your rest.

Some mattresses also have inflated air tubes that automatically adjust your body's posture as you sleep. This is a great way to reduce or eliminate aches and pains caused by your sleeping posture.

Other features include split temperature control, a sleep monitor that tracks 15 factors related to your sleep, and alarm wake-up systems that use gentle vibrations or temperature changes to awaken you. Some models have audio playback, so you can listen to meditation guides or soothing music before falling asleep or waking up.

Another popular feature is the ability to raise your head and legs for maximum comfort and relaxation. This is especially beneficial for snorers and those with health conditions such as arthritis or spinal cord injuries.

A few of the latest and most advanced smart beds even allow you to control other WiFi-enabled home appliances, including thermostats, virtual assistants, coffee makers, and TVs, with a remote control or mobile app. These smart devices can be linked to the smart bed so you can use them while you're in bed, and even remotely turn them off or on when you leave or arrive home.

Pet Camera

One of the most useful things any pet owner can have is a smart pet camera. These gadgets let you stay connected to your beloved pet from a distance and give them the attention they need when you can't be there.

Some of these cameras even allow you to talk with your pet, so you can help them through their day. This is great for training your dog, or simply letting them know that they're doing great.

Another advantage of these devices is that they can detect if your pet has gone missing or got into trouble, so you'll have peace of mind when you're away. You can also set up facial recognition so you'll receive notifications whenever certain people come into your house, or move around a particular area.

For the best possible experience, make sure you choose a camera that has a companion app so you can watch it live from your phone or tablet. This way, you can see what's going on without having to boot up the device and get frustrated with lag or buffering issues.

For those who are looking for a more hands-on approach to training their dogs, you'll want a device that has a treat dispenser and a laser toy that you can toss at the press of a button. These features are especially helpful for owners who have to leave their pet's homes alone for long periods.


Whether you have a curious pup or cat that likes to run around off-leash, a pet tracker can help keep your furry friend safe and accounted for. If you’re a pet owner, you know how frustrating it can be to have your alarm system go off all the time due to your dog or cat running around the house. One of the most useful things any pet owner can have is a smart pet camera.


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