How to Make the Perfect Homemade Pizza

Making the perfect homemade pizza is a fun thing to do. It can also be a great treat for your family or friends. But you have to make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients before you start making your pizza.

Pre-Baking the Dough before Adding Toppings

When making homemade pizza, pre-baking the dough before adding toppings is necessary for a crisper crust and better results. Pre-baking the dough allows moisture to escape and makes the pizza crust more crispy. Depending on the type of dough you are using, you may need to pre-bake it for up to 5 minutes.

You may also need to pre-bake your pizza if the toppings are a lot of moisture. If you add the ingredients to the dough before it is baked, you will end up with a soggy and undercooked pie.

To ensure a crispy base, you can either use a pizza stone or a pizza peel. The pizza peel is especially useful if your oven is high-temperature.

Before you start pre-baking, prepare the toppings and sauces. Make sure to spread your toppings evenly around the pizza. Ideally, you will be able to place the toppings directly on the cheese. 

Some toppings are best cooked on top of the pizza, while others should be placed underneath the cheese. For example, raw vegetables and shellfish need to be cooked before they are added to the pizza.

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Stretching the Dough

One of the best ways to make a pizza is by stretching the dough. This requires a little practice and some patience, but it can make for a perfect homemade pie.

There are four main methods for doing this. The most obvious is using a rolling pin to stretch the dough. It's a good idea to let the dough rest for five to ten minutes before trying again.

For the most part, the best method is to use your hands. If you aren't skilled at hand stretching, you'll need two of them. You can do it by putting the dough on the back of one hand and rotating it across your other hand with curved fingers.

For a more rounded and flatter shape, you can also use the "fingertip method". Starting in the center, the fingertip method begins by spreading the crust. Afterward, you'll have a circular shape.

It's not the most effective method, however. Tossing the dough in the air may be the most impressive thing you can do, but it's not the most effective.

Adding Flavor

If you love to bake pizza at home, you'll want to add flavor to your crust. You can do this by adding various ingredients or by infusing oil. These can improve the taste and look of your pizza.

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Adding flavor to homemade pizza can be as simple as using more salt. Salt increases the sweetness of the bread, tightens the gluten, and brings out the natural flavors of the flour. There are also non-conventional flours that can be used to add more flavor to your pizza crust.

Depending on the type of pizza you are making, you can add vegetables, cheese, and spices to your dough. Some of these include garlic, oregano, and crushed whole plum tomatoes. The herbs and spices are best added after the dough has been baked.

Beer is another great flavoring agent for your pizza. If you have access to a local brewpub, try making your pizza with a more intensely flavored beer.


If you want to make the perfect homemade pizza, you will need to use flour. The best kind of flour for pizza dough is bread flour, which is high in gluten. However, all-purpose flour can also be used.

You can use a stand mixer to make pizza dough, but you'll need a dough hook. This can make the process much easier.



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